A decade and counting – United Association Veterans in Piping program and BMA

by | Oct 3, 2023

By signing a new contract with BMA Media Group, the United Association Veterans in Piping program will extend its partnership with the turnkey marketing agency for at least a decade.

The UA VIP program equips military service members who are preparing to leave the service with sought-after skills that can lead to lifelong careers in the increasingly in-demand pipe trades. The program offers free courses, which are 118 days in length, to service members on military bases across the country. As VIP participants earn industry-recognized certifications, they also gain direct entry into solid private-sector jobs with good pay and benefits.

The new two-year contract, signed on Oct. 1 means BMA will provide marketing, communications and website design/maintenance services to UA VIP for at least a decade.

The relationship began in 2015, when the International Training Fund, the training arm of the United Association, contracted with BMA Media Group to migrate UA VIP’s existing website to a more modern website platform.

Once the website was moved, BMA Media began to work with UA VIP administrators to create new marketing materials for the program, including flyers, posters, banners and other items to help raise brand awareness and get more transitioning military members to apply for the program.

A year later, VIP decided to expand its relationship with BMA Media to include on-base marketing support and create a digital campaign focused on the program’s eight military bases.

By 2017, UA VIP administrators asked BMA Media to overhaul their website to make it more mobile-friendly and to improve Search Engine Optimization to help military members more easily find the website. Furthermore, VIP selected BMA’s award-winning video department to produce the program’s first video, which would be prominently featured on their new website.

Since then, UA VIP has repeatedly signed new retainers with BMA, including a separate contract to construct the program’s first digital database and for the production of additional videos.

As the years have progressed, so has the partnership.

Not only has UA VIP turned to BMA to help provide marketing services to attract military members to the program, but VIP has looked to BMA to help them innovate from within.

BMA has worked to create digital systems to address the needs of program administrators and instructors while also providing in-person assistance at various events.

BMA Media is honored to help members of the military who are looking to begin the next phase of their lives. They have given so much of themselves to our country, and BMA is proud to play a role in giving these brave men and women a head start in their new civilian careers.

BMA Media is a 100% union shop, providing every team member with a strong sense of solidarity with our clients and making us advocates for labor rights and interests. BMA is a building trades union agency, signatory with the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers – IBEW Local 673 and the International Union of Painters & Allied Trades – IUPAT District Council 6 / Sign & Display and Allied Trades – SDAT Local 639. We are also a signatory with the Screen Actors Guild – American Federation of Television and Radio Artists – SAG-AFTRA and an affiliate member of the Cleveland Chapter of the National Electrical Contractors Association – NECA.

BMA has experience with union organizations of all sizes. We offer services in the following categories: union event services (from writing the history of your union to executing the logistics of an event,) video production, website design, union marketing campaigns, print and broadcast advertising, social media management, development of print materials, building trades industry education, labor public relations and crisis management, union merchandise, as well as strategic branding and marketing of union organizations.

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