Podcast & Radio Production

BMA Media can provide professional production services for your podcast or radio programming

The world of media changes fast. Technology and trends keep pushing the ways we can communicate in different directions.

BMA Media has been producing broadcast radio and television content for decades, which made it easier to adapt and add various types of video production and, most recently, professional podcast production to the media services we provide to different clients.

We can tailor our level of assistance to your needs – from basic start-up consultation to complete production and promotion of your podcast or radio content that is incorporated into our existing podcast network.

In between these options can be some combination of the following: Topic development, guest scheduling, interview preparation of both host and guest, audio monitoring, post-production work, asset generation, quality control, content upload, distribution and various promotional work. Over time, we can also compile data and related analytics to track your show’s performance and assist with advertising or monetization.

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America’s Work Force Union Podcast climbs the charts.

In 2020, BMA Media converted the terrestrial radio program it has produced for over 30 years into a podcast, significantly expanding its reach. The mission for America’s Work Force Union Podcast remained the same as its radio “sister” – to address the issues and concerns of the American worker, delivering labor’s point of view in an unbiased, no-nonsense manner.

In less than three years, the podcast ranked in the top 1 percent of all U.S. Podcast content.*

With a new podcast generated five days a week, it also regularly ranks in the Top 250 Career podcasts on Apple Podcasts.

*Statistics provided by Podbean, our podcast hosting provider. Podbean statistics are IAB Certified. Podbean received IAB Tech Lab Podcast Measurement Independent Certification in July 2020. Podbean can be found on IAB’s list of compliant companies. Podbean achieved compliance for all areas of data we provide, including download, listener and ad delivery metrics.