Union Communication Tools

Let our professional Wordsmiths help craft your message and deliver it to the right people

Being a union leader is a challenge at any level. Industry knowledge, name recognition and leadership experience can provide a solid foundation, but the ability to properly communicate with a wide variety of audiences is critical to success.

The Communications Team at BMA Media can help you engage with these different audiences to ensure your union, trade or leadership team maintains its strong image. Our decades of experience allow us to adjust the tone of your message to properly speak to your members, your signatory contractors, elected officials or the public.

We can also help you determine the best way to communicate your message, including traditional print, electronic or social media communications. When necessary, BMA’s Design Team will join the effort to ensure the message captures their attention and properly tells your story.

The pen truly is mightier than the sword. BMA Media is ready to help not only disseminate information but also promote your union and its brand, build credibility, properly steer the message, increase your influence and manage or improve reputations.

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