Insulators International

A little about this project

The leaders of the HFIAW wanted to help all of its Local Unions and JATCs recruit more and better apprentice candidates. Since BMA Media Group had an existing relationship with the Insulators Union, it was a seamless process to develop a comprehensive recruitment campaign for use across the U.S. and Canada BMA developed a campaign theme, logo and message: “Transform your Life, Transform your World” to be used to unify a variety of recruitment tools. This included a series of videos, an expanded section of the website,, and a complete career fair booth. The booth included pop-up banners, a table cloth and various handouts. A banner and the handouts included a QR code and space to customize certain information specific to each Local. After using the materials for nearly five years, the HFIAW and IIIATF recently asked BMA to refresh the look of the logo and handouts while maintaining the successful theme and message. The video content was also spliced into small segments for use on social media.

Recruitment Brochures

Pull-Up Banners

Table Cover


Landing Page

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