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What Makes Us The Union Multimedia POWERHOUSE?

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BMA Media Group knows how to positively impact the issues and events that trade labor organizations must manage because we are union. As such, BMA has a wealth of experience handling every aspect of a variety of important union-based procedures - impacting target audiences with relevant educational materials and essential information that is solely unique to the organized labor message and movement.

Market Share Capture

Organized Labor provides the best production for the best bottom line … the problem is, not everyone knows that (and quite often, many have been misled to believe just the opposite!) BMA Media Group knows how to position organized labor within its respective marketplaces to show potential customers and employers that union labor is second to none because of its commitment to training, safety and worker responsibility.

Capture more market share within your industry with a BMA Media campaign that utilizes any or all of a host of marketing and promotional tools professionally crafted by our team.

Electronic Marketing Campaigns
Print Marketing Campaigns
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Political Education

BMA Media Group staff carefully and thoroughly researches and prepares information and reports on the multitude of topics that affects organized labor within the political arena, with the purpose of properly educating lawmakers, civic leaders and the public. To this end, BMA Media is well-versed in presenting decision-makers with pertinent facts and figures that will allow them to make accurate assessments on labor’s issues, such as Prevailing Wage Laws and Project Labor Agreements.

BMA Media will also works closely with labor organizations to formulate and execute plans to properly disseminate political education campaigns among their target audiences – ensuring the proper messages are delivered.

Labor-Managment Promotion

Our experiences within the organized-labor industry have provided BMA Media Group with a strong sense of the vital importance of sound, progressive labor-management cooperation. That’s why we have made it a point to position ourselves as a leading marketing and communications vehicle for labor-management groups – and much more.

BMA Media Group is able to promote labor-management cooperation from within an industry in a very unique way … because we understand the nuances of the union-sector’s employee-employer relationships and their need for cooperation, communication and mutual support. Therefore, BMA Media is able to nurture new LMCCs by providing them with the right support system, and we are also able to market existing LMCCs like no one else can – with the right blend of internal and external marketing.

Membership Development

Top-down. Bottom-up. Member recruitment. Contractor recruitment. Membership development. Call it what you will, but in order for labor organizations to survive, they need to constantly ORGANIZE! As a union firm with many union clients, BMA Media Group not only knows this, but we know all the needs and methods of waging successful organizing campaigns.

BMA Media provides organized labor groups with the right marketing and communications tools to reach the right audiences with the right messages – that there is strength in numbers, and union labor is second to none!

Labor Issues

As a union company that traditionally serves union clients, BMA Media Group has become well-versed in the many issues that affect organized labor, including:

Prevailing Wage
Project Labor Agreements
Responsible Contracting
Workforce Training

BMA Media’s experience in creating, implementing and executing campaigns that place these labor issues center stage, highlighting each of their many advantages to the public and employers, ultimately makes organized labor stronger. To reach that end, BMA Media provides unique union-specific marketing, advertising and public relations expertise that bring about change.