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What Makes Us The Union Multimedia POWERHOUSE?

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BMA Media incorporates the most modern marketing and branding tools, cutting-edge methods and unique ideas to create sustainable competitive advantages for each client. To accomplish this, BMA first works to understand each customer’s specific market orientation and environment.

Ultimately, BMA is able to bring organizations, causes and products to life through marketing and branding campaigns that make them exceedingly relevant in the minds and hearts of target audiences.


BMA handles every aspect of any video or broadcast studio and field production, including:

Public Relations

Strengthening the public image of your organization, business, product or cause is what BMA Media Group accomplishes through a host of components employed as part of an effective Public Relations campaign. Through the use of print and electronic communications tools and vehicles, BMA engages in ongoing activity to ensure you have a strong public image.

BMA Media has its mind firmly wrapped around the many concepts of marketing, allow us to get to the very heart of a marketing campaign’s needs. Therefore, we can skillfully guide the public into understanding your issues or/and products, effectively implementing a well-designed public relations plan that includes proper messaging for proper target audiences.

Promotional Campaigns

Promotion is the manner in which you let your audiences know about your organization, business, product or cause, and it’s accomplished through campaigns that can encompass advertising, direct marketing, e-marketing and publicity. And it’s no secret that effective marketing culminates in a well-orchestrated promotional campaign – and BMA Media Group has the staff and knowledge to handle the design and development of any campaing, as well as its branding and packaging.

At its core, a BMA Media promotional campaign is centered on communication in a two-way dialogue – not just one-way “promotion” – so that the true value of your campaign objective is realized by your audience. To accomplish this, BMA Media targets and positions campaigns to differentiate you from your competition and effectively deliver your messages to key target market demographics.


Even with all the marketing and publicity options available, an advertising campaign remains an invaluable tool with which your organization, business, product or cause can reach target audiences. BMA Media Group’s well-crafted advertising, placed consistently in the right arena, is an effective way to build brand awareness in a competitive market or industry.

You can take complete control over your message with an advertising campaign that appeals to consumers and customers – and BMA Media guides you to the right advertising methods to use and when to use them. We know which medium is most practical for your advertising, taking into account accessibility and affordability, and we know how to craft advertising messages that are most appealing to stakeholders.


BMA Media provides precise branding that creates a stable foundation that will help keep a message consistent across all mediums – and place its owner in the forefront of its industry or cause. In doing so, your message carefully researches target demographics with a brand that motivates your desired audiences.

Media Relations

What’s your story? BMA Media Group will not only help you figure that out – we will help you TELL it and have it heard!

Using the media to gain the trust of the public for your organization, business, product or cause seems simple – but if the media knows nothing about you, chances are you’ll not garner the attention warranted to get your name in black-and-white. That’s where the expertise and experience of BMA Media Group comes in. We know how to let the proper media – and subsequently, the world – know about you and your story.

Armed with an impressive network of media outlets – that is, newspapers, television, magazines, etc. – BMA Media can gain the right publicity for you through proper mention in the media. We’ll get control over the message put forth through the media, educating reporters and editors about what should be presented to the public.