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The Lakeland Foundation's "IMAGINE" Event

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The Lakeland Foundation’s “IMAGINE” event, produced by BMA Media Group, was recently named one of the top 10 fundraising events of 2012 by Currents, greater Cleveland’s monthly lifestyle newspaper.

As part of their annual “Black-Tie Awards,” Currents narrows down nearly 300 covered benefits to an elite list of “the most outstanding, unique or extraordinary” and praised the September Vegas-style event for its “non-stop food and fun.”

BMA’s innovative approach to Lakeland Community College’s annual event included relocation to the school's 40,000 square foot, cutting edge dynamo that is the educational gem of Lake County – The Holden University Center. In conjunction with the talented, creative staff of LCC, BMA was able to utilize all of the center’s classrooms and gathering areas to demonstrate the facility’s advanced technology while delighting party-goers with casino games and entertainment throughout the evening.
“The idea was to keep the crowd moving and entertained while raising big bucks for scholarships and adult education programs,” writes Linda McMullen of Currents’ Benefit Beat. “[IMAGINE] was a fabulous fundraiser with excitement in every nook and cranny of the high-tech building in which it was held and it was a total success.”

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